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The Percentage Upsell App is a web-based widget/app to allow you to improve your direct booking revenue by offering guests the opportunity to add-on upsell products and services to their reservations during the booking process or prior to arrival at your hotel or hostel.

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The Percentage Upsell App for hotels and hostels

Upsell App Features

The Percentage Upsell APP allows you to seamlessly embed upsell products and services into the guest booking process and posts the selected upsells back to each Reservation file within Cloudbeds.

Website Integration

Embed personalised upsell offer pages into branded pages within your website.

Email Integration

Embed personalised upsell offer pages into customer emails and confirmations.

Messaging Integration

Embed personalised upsell offer pages into WhatsApp & LINE instant Messages.

Custom Styling

Customise styling of upsell pages & confirmation emails for Upsell purchases.

Full Cloudbeds Sync

Confirmed product & service purchases posted to Cloudbeds guest folio.

Multiple Charge Types

Setup Upsell items charged /person, /piece, /room, /person & night, /person & stay.

How to connect our Upsell App

The Percentage App connects through the internet to your Cloudbeds account via API technology. Read about how to setup The Percentage Upsell App below, it's as easy as 1-2-3!

Connect The Percentage App to Cloudbeds

Connect The App

Create your % APP account & connect it to your Cloudbeds Account.

Customise your % Upsell App account

Customise your Account

Load the necessary product and service upsells in The Percentage app.

install the percentage app scripts on your website

Load the Scripts

Embed the Upsell URL into your web pages or booking system & that's it!

Our Simple & Clear Interface

Our simple & easy-to-use web based dashboard allows you to quickly setup your upsells and get selling. Once the upsells and their pricing information is loaded and mapped to their Cloudbeds counterparts, you can start upselling immediately!

Upsell page
New upsell product page
New upsell order page
Upsell Item pricing page
Upsell Orders list
Upsell products and services list

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Save time, save money & prevent mistakes with The Percentage App accounting interfaces & get more direct bookings with our Cloudbeds booking engine and upsell app! The Percentage App helps you to make the most of your Cloudbeds account. Have questions? Get in contact today!